History of Inflatables

John Scurlock designed the first inflatable bouncer structure in 1959 and came up with the idea quite by accident. He was watching his employees jump on some inflatable covers for tennis courts he was experimenting with and the idea slowly gained momentum. He originally called the inflatable structures “Spacewalks” and started a company of the same name.

He marketed the inflatable for kids and started out with a large air mattress which he then modified with walls some years later. The windows were composed of clear, solid plastic and were enclosed like a bubble with one fan inflating the bubble and circulating air and the other inflating the base.

Students in England purportedly used the same idea to build inflatable products such as bouncers, slides, moonwalks, water slides, bounce houses structured for a fundraiser they were hosting and a number of other uses began to crop up. The word “moonwalk” became the nickname of choice and the idea spread, becoming increasingly successful. Soon enough, safety regulations were passed in the UK and the US and the inflatables industry boomed. Today, the inflatable amusement industry continues to grow and thrive as more and more people are realizing the benefits and fun that inflatable bouncers, slides, water slides, bounce houses, moonwalks bring to their users.